Life Liaison: Uniting You with "Your Purpose & Plan"

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Hello! Thank you for visiting! You've made a great choice by looking for someone to help you, and whether you choose me or someone else, you've already begun moving in the right direction!

You are here because you've realized that to make the changes you want you're going to need to look outside yourself for a little perspective.  You just want someone to be objective, encouraging and honest.  Someone trained to listen and understand what you're really saying.  A qualified and caring professional who has the insight you need to get "unstuck" and move forward.

As a coach with proven experience I would be honored to be that person for you.  Here's some feedback from a few people that I have worked with:


"asked thought-provoking questions, provided helpful insights, and wasn't afraid to challenge me when I was stuck or complacent."

"is someone you can discuss things with, who has a non-judgmental attitude and a true servants heart."

"helps people reframe their challenges in a manner that encourages them to refocus attention on moving forward to a more effective future.”

"helped me sort through the chaos of life, bring clarity to my core values, prioritize my goals and chart a course for achieving a healthy and sustainable "success" that fits my life."

"employs a keen discernment of the underlying layers that bring the 'aha' moments to his clients."

"is supportive and encouraging and authentic."

"inspired me to reassess the direction of my life by listening to me and challenging me to live my life to its fullest potential."


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