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The process of creating deeper intimacy and becoming unified in the key aspects of a marriage relationship can be difficult.  We typically have very different values and perspectives based on our family of origin and life experiences.  Finances, childrearing, religion and other important decision-making areas can quickly cause stress.  Every marriage has these flashpoints.  Marriage Coaching helps you quickly move past these trouble spots by refocusing your perspective on what's possible.

Do you remember the feelings you had for each other when you were first together?  Do you remember how you desired to know each other in a deeper way?  You shared dreams and goals and a hope for a future together.  You can have that again!

Coach Stuart has experience to offer couples hope.

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So how can married couples start to rekindle that loving feeling?

Well..., Couples that have the perspective that their differences are good and bring balance to the relationship are more successful at dealing with conflict than couples who believe that their differences are the problem.  Embracing and valuing our differences as partners will always lead to better communication by placing the focus on understanding each other instead of changing each other.  Secondly, with a perspective focused on understanding in place, couples can begin to let their walls down and start talking about issues without fearing rejection. 

Coach Stuart helps couples develop new techniques for communicating and resolving conflict.  His discernment and insight will help you uncover and redefine problem areas so that you and your partner can create the peaceful and fulfilling relationship that you both desire.

Learning to share and experience life together can be the adventure of your life time.  A marriage coach will help you become more prepared and equipped for your marriage adventure. Marriage is like a rock tumbler, the more comfortable you are bouncing off of each other the more smooth and shiny that you become. It may sound silly but its true!

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