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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start the life coaching process?

Contact Stuart to schedule an appointment for an initial conversation about coaching.  During this conversation you’ll explore values, focus areas and goals, and have the opportunity to ask questions about the coaching relationship and process.

How much does life coaching cost?

Prices for life coaching services and programs start for as little as $125 per month.  Your investment will ultimately depend on your budget and the duration and number of your coaching sessions during a given month.  Typically most people engage in coaching for 2 hours a month ($125), which can be divided up in a variety of sessions.

All life coaching rates include spot coaching via email between sessions. Fees are always prepaid on a monthly basis. Payment can be made by check or credit card. The value of life coaching will typically exceed the financial investment by an exponential factor.  However, your commitment level will always be the factor that proves most critical to your success.

How long does personal life coaching take?

Most clients make a three month commitment to coaching as a minimum. This is not simply a financial or time commitment; your commitment must be with the entire you. Coaching might last only three months or it may continue on for a year or more. You will know when it is time to end.

What makes personal life coaching so convenient?

Life coaching is typically conducted over the telephone in the convenience of your home or office. Most people have full and busy lives; coaching over the phone is the most convenient option for them. Location is truly no obstacle.

How is life coaching different from counseling and psychotherapy?

Life coaching deals with your present and future not your past as therapy typically does. Counseling and psychotherapy usually deal with problems and healing; coaching focuses on solutions that move you in the direction you want. Also, life coaching is not considered a mental health service and is therefore not covered by health insurance.

How is personal life coaching different from consulting or mentoring?

As a personal life coach, I help you find your own answers. People are more likely to take action if it is something they themselves have come up with and not been told to do. A consultant is an expert who dispenses advice and has all the answers. I do not give advice but instead problem-solve and brainstorm with you.

Does life coaching focus on work or personal issues?

Life coaching is focused on the areas that you decide.  Different parts of people's lives that might be worked on are: career, health/wellness, money, spiritual development, home, family, friends, fun/recreation, etc. Coaching helps you bring integration and fulfillment to all of the various parts of your life.

Is personal life coaching just about action and doing?

Only if you want it that way. Life coaching can include so much more. The coaching process is many things and will challenge you to be true to your word.  That being said, it certainly involves planning, action and accountability (reporting back to the coach via email or in your next session). Sometimes negative tapes or messages get in the way of action or making changes and then we work on slaying that old dragon. Coaching moves people in the direction they want to go based on their own agenda and what is important to them.